This Irish Language Cover of “Africa” is taking the internet by storm (VIDEO)

Coláiste Lurgan are absolutely brilliant, once again!

The Gaeltacht summer camp, which has been making headlines with their famous Irish versions of famous hits, have now released their own version of the iconic ‘80s hit, Toto’s “Africa”.

When you listen to it, you will probably think that it sounds better in Irish than the original English version!

The group has also covered songs such as  Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” Hozier’s “Someone New,” and Sia’s “Chandelier,” along with a fantastic version of Adele’s “Hello”.

Watch the amazing video below:


  • Gavin Lynch

    Amazing !!!

  • Kevin Parkin

    Major fail!! Love the Irish but Africa should stay exactly there, in Africa!!

    • Cannonfodderg

      …..The song by Toto written by a bunch of white guys should stay in Africa?

  • Derek Lynas

    This is really good. I lived in Africa for many years and this rendition does have the spirit of Africa. I couldn’t believe how realistic the sound of the rain was, just like African rain. Brought back memories to me. The language makes no difference.