Irish dad was the victim of a cruel prank on his daughter’s wedding day (VIRAL VIDEO)

The perfect prank to pull on your dad on a big wedding day!

When Irish dad Richie Deevy’s daughter Aoife was getting married in Marbella, his mind was more occupied with finishing off his speech than ensuring that the suit he had ordered was there and fitted correctly.

Imagine the horror of finding out that you have no trousers to wear to the biggest day of your daughter’s life. Well, that’s exactly what this Irish dad was experiencing when he realised that the suit trousers he had were several sizes too small!

The dad’s face drops as he realises that he’s never going to fit into them. He was in despair!

“How the fuck did that happen?” he asks his wife, before proceeding to try them on one last time.

“They’re like nylons on me!” See what happens next by watching the video.

Watch the video below: