Horse scales fence during live bike race in Donegal (WATCH)

He must have been dying for a race!

Bike riders taking part in the inaugural North West Three Day race around Derry were given the fright of their lives after a huge white stallion bolted a fence and took the lead in their race.

In a gruelling first day, starting at Foyle Arena and finishing in the hilly Campsy area of the city, the incident occurred on an unnamed road between Raphoe and St Johnston in County Donegal.

Cameraman Jonny Collins was on hand to capture the sensational events as they unfolded, and kept his camera rolling as the horse continued to gallop towards him and his colleagues a quarter of a mile further along the route. Luckily, nobody was injured.

The video has since become an internet sensation with worldwide news covering the story and thousands of people viewing the footage.

Watch the video below: