Irish couple arrive at Sligo wedding reception in a dumper truck (VIRAL VIDEO)

The thousands of people from all over the world that watched it were left scratching their heads.

At a traditional wedding, the bride comes to the wedding in a luxurious form of travel.

However, at a recent Sligo wedding, the groom went in probably the most-unique style you’ll ever see… on a dumper truck! You couldn’t make it up!First posted by the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa in Sligo, with the accompanying note “Just when you think you’ve seen everything”… yep, that is a first

The video first appeared online when it was posted by the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa in Sligo, who captioned the video with “Just when you think you’ve seen everything.”

The fancy wedding bunting on the side of the dumper truck was a nice touch.

Massive respect for the couple for pulling that one off! We wish them every success and happiness in their new marriage.Watch the video below:

Watch the amazing video below:


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