Irish Lad Jumps On Bean Bag and Baby Goes Flying (VIDEO)

He could have been killed! Thankfully he wasn’t hurt!

An Irish lad jumped on the opposite edge of a bean bag where a child was sitting and the child went flying. The video has since been a viral internet hit. reported on this story and spoke to the lad who jumped, Sean, who explained: “My friend and his wife got a new bean bag and their the kids Luke and Sarah were playing on it.

“Sarah jumped on the bag and Luke slid off of it and we all laughed. Then Ciaran, his dad, jumped onto the bag and Luke went a little into the air.

“Luke loved it so he asked me to jump on it but before I did, we put a pillow beside the bag thinking he’d slid/fall onto that.”

From first watching the video, you’d think it was very dangerous and are genuinely worried about the child. Thankfully everything was okay. We wouldn’t recommend trying anything like this though!

Watch the video below: