Irish Rally Drivers’ Heated Exchange After Near Crash Is Viral Hit (VIDEO)

Trust the Irish to argue whilst driving 100mph down a country road…and not even blink an eyelid!

A brilliant video of Art McCarrick and co-driver John McCay taking part in the Galway International Rally has become an amazing internet hit.

The video shows the two nearly expecting a terrible crash and then John dishes out his words orf warning to Art. John really wasn’t impressed with Art’s driving and he made his feelings clear!

The lads did fairly well in the event after they won their class in the event and finished 16th spot overall.

Watch the amazing video below:


The moment our Galway International Rally nearly ended…. Due to some unparliamentary language from John, maybe don't play at full blast in your office!Text "platelets" to 53377

Posted by Art McCarrick on Thursday, 9 February 2017


  • Sheila Sullivan

    gee lads cutting it fine there! Not too bad. I’d ride shotgun in a heartbeat.