Limerick Student’s Ed Sheeran cover is blowing the internet away

This video is going viral and some even say it’s better than the real thing.

When Brian Finn uploaded this magical video, he probably had no idea how good it would do. It has eneded up on numerous sites and been viewed and shared thousands of times around the world.

Well done Brian, you have some serious talent!

Watch and listen to the amazing video below:

Well lads and lassies, I said id give a go at a few covers of a few songs while I'm at flip all until I go back to college. I've started with a cover of Ed Sheerans 'Shape of You' ! Give a listen or a 'like' or a share, if you do that'd be sound and have a good weekend. Enjoy 🙃

Posted by Brian Finn on Thursday, 12 January 2017