Belfast University expels lad who pooed in a chimney on St. Paddy’s day


A first year in Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) has been kicked out of the University after being identified as the notorious ‘Chimney Pooper’ in the crazy Holyland’s street party on St. Paddy’s Day 2016.

Unfortunately for this lad, the University didn’t see the funny side of the student’s actions after he was identified as the culprit.

According to The Tab, the student is a lad from Co. Tyrone. He was reportedly identified by a University member of staff who reported it to the police. The member of staff, who wanted to keep her identity anonymous, described the act as “vile” and a bad reflection on the University.

Every year, students have an annual all-day party in the Holyland’s area which has made News Headlines all over Ireland. The majority of those who attend this all-day binge appear to love the day out, however, the event is a day of mayhem and disruption for local residents.