VIRAL VIDEO: Irish dad gives son instructions on how to turn on the hoover…

irish dad hoover viral video

This has to be the best video we’ve ever had on Meanwhile in Ireland. Earlier in the year, we had a video of a Belfast man trying in vain to pronounce the word ‘specifically’. This video made headlines around the world. However, our latest video has completely outdone the ‘specifically’ video by smashing all it’s records. At the moment of writing this, we estimate that the video has been viewed more than 5 million times online on different platforms, which is just under a week since it was published to our Facebook page.

The video features a Belfast dad ‘winding up’ his son and encouraging him to pull the hoover cable like an engine to get it started. To the world’s surprise, the lad  goes along with his father’s instructions.

Some may ask “how the hell did this video go viral?” After all, the basic description of this video doesn’t sound very funny. However, if you watch the video you will know right away. The dad, who doesn’t want his name mentioned, told Meanwhile in Ireland that he didn’t expect such a response resulting from “a Sunday afternoon’s banter with the weans.” He summed the whole thing up by saying “it’s a crazy world!”

Watch the hilarious video below: