10 Compliments Irish People Can’t Deal With

Irish people are modest to the point where they can feel embarrassed by a compliment. Yes, confident Irish people like Conor McGregor probably do a lot to help the Irish with this issue but it is still difficult for the Irish to take compliments well. Below is ten compliments which always make the Irish feel very uncomfortable.

1. “You’re looking well”

This is a very popular compliment in Ireland. It always leads to a suspicion that you weren’t looking well the last time you saw the person.

2. “You’ve lost weight!”

When you haven’t seen someone in a while and you’ve been trying to lose weight, this is extremely common. Irish people feel awkward that they had to lose weight in the first place. On the other hand, if you haven’t lost weight this compliment is even more awkward.

3. “This food you cooked is delicious!”

After cooking a dinner for a number of hours for guests, you’d think we’d be happy to hear a compliment. But not us Irish, we can’t take a compliment! Although, we’d probably also feel uncomfortable if they said nothing. We can’t win either way!

4. “You played really well today.”

Anyone who plays team sports will get this one. You finished a game and you remember a few mistakes you made and one of your teammates puts his arm around you and says “you played really well today.” Most of the time, you can’t help but think your friend is taking pity on you.

5. “Your mum/sister is looking very well”

I think you’ll understand this one without an explanation.