10 Highly Offensive Halloween Costumes You Shouldn’t Wear This Halloween

5. Sexual harassment costume

Sexual harassment is definitely not something that should be laughed at so you should definitely not dress up as a male flasher.

4. Body-shaming and objectifying costumes

When it comes to disrespecting women, this costume is a double whammy of awful. It not only reduces women to sex objects, but it makes a woman’s weight into a joke. Please don’t dress up as this.

3. A Holocaust victim costume

The Holocaust was one of the world’s worst-ever tragedies so it is definitely a ‘no go’ for a Halloween costume. Unfortunately, some companies felt the need to exploit a gap in the market and mock this terrible tragedy.

2. A tragedy costume

This one doesn’t even require an explanation. It is just pure wrong.

1. Eating disorder costume

This is definitely one of the most offensive costumes you’ll ever see. This “Anna Rexia” costume trivializes eating disorders which is absolutely disgusting. You’ll definitely not make any friends wearing this!