10 Things You Need To Know Before You Date An Irish Person

The charming smiles, sparkling wit and one of the sexiest accents on the planet. It’s no wonder everyone loves the Irish. But it’s not all PS I Love You 365 days a year. Us Irish are a passionate and fiery people for sure. However, we also have lots of quirks and characteristics that are sure to confuse potential suitors. If you’re trying to bag yourself an Irish lad or lass, here are a few things to need to know.

1. The Craic is a way of life

Let’s start with the basics. So you’ve got the hots for some pretty young guy/girl from the Emerald Isle. Excellent taste my friend. But just so you know, when they inevitably ask about the “craic”, they don’t want you to go to a dodgy part of town and obtain a highly illegal class A drug for them. So what is craic then? Well, the French have their ‘je ne sais quoi’ and the Irish have ‘the craic’. It’s our essence, our energy, our way of life. The craic can be news (Any craic?) or fun and banter (The craic was ninety). A person can be good craic or even the anti craic. Make sense? Basically, the pursuit of good craic is our purpose as Irish people so you better be well versed in it if you plan on trying the case.

2. The family will be big and you’ll struggle to remember all their names

Meeting your significant other’s family is always daunting. But when it’s an Irish family, things take on an extra dimension. Being introduced to people with names like Saidhbh, Caoimhín, Bláithnaid or Fiachra is likely to trip you up. That’s before you realize your new bae also has 11 aunts and uncles and 47 first cousins. And that’s on one side of the family. God bless you if you find yourself at a wedding! Odds are their parents will have accents so thick, you’ll only pick up every 4th word and you’ll drink more tea then you thought was possible for one person. Also be ready to be asked constant questions about where you’re from, how your folks met and something called road frontage. Good luck!

3. Get used to swearing and insults

If you’re dating an Irish person, you better get used to the air turning blue around you. Don’t worry, we’re not constantly angry, it’s just how we express ourselves. And when it comes to insults, we’ll only call you something nasty if we really like you. Not only will we drop an F-bomb three times in a sentence, we’ll also be using words you’ve never even heard before. Ones to remember for when your love goes on a rant about the lack of Tayto in the corner shop include; gobshite, eejit, gombeen, bollocks, tool, gowl, hoor and of course the immortal Feck. Don’t worry if you can’t understand any of it at the start. You’ll figure it out after being called a gammy mong often enough.

4. Be prepared for some religion

Like it or not, most of us Irish folk were brought up in the Catholic church. Even though we’re finally breaking free from it, there’s still a strong possibility of being dragged to mass on special/family occasions. You’ll also become well versed in everything related to the Holy family and all the saints. Old habits die hard and your partner is likely to utter such gems as “Jesus, Mary and Holy St Joseph”, “Sweet Mary Mother of God” and mutter about someone called Saint Anthony when they can’t find their keys.

5. Get used to Irish food, it’s good!

OK, so we’re not exactly Italy or Greece revered for our national cuisine. But I challenge you to find an Irish immigrant who isn’t passionate about their favourite brands from home. Your Irish girlfriend will moan that no tea is as good as Barry’s (whoever he is) and your fella will miss a proper fluffy spud no end. Be prepared for them to receive multiple care packages if they’re away from home. Contents will include Clonakilty sausages, bottles of Mi Wadi, Ballymaloe relish, black pudding, teabags, Dairy milk chocolate (it never tastes the same abroad) and Kimberly biscuits, all of which you’re obliged to agree are better than the local stuff.