10 Things You Need To Know Before You Date An Irish Person

6. The GAA is here to stay

That’s hurling and Gaelic football to you and it’s like a religion to most Irish. If you’ve never heard of either sport, your new Irish love is about to give you a crash course. Your Sunday afternoons will now be spent in club grounds or in pubs cheering on their team. And nothing gets us as patriotic as our home county winning an All Ireland championship. There may be tears and you’ll have the Fields of Athenry off by heart in no time. Better pay attention because someday you could be handed a hurl and expected to knock about the pitch with their mates. And trust me, a sliotar to the head is the last thing you want!

7. Understand the difference between UK and Ireland

We have a long and complex history with our closest neighbours. A sure fire way to piss your crush off instantly is to assume Ireland is part of the UK. “Oh but England and Ireland are the like the same thing right?” That’s a one way ticket to going home alone. The same goes for asking why we don’t use sterling or making uneducated comments about the north of Ireland or Northern Ireland (depending who you are talking to). While we’re at it, please don’t refer to the Republic as “Southern Ireland”. You can thank me later. Irish people are super proud of our history and culture and you will be subjected to the story of our 700 years of oppression if you put your foot in your mouth here.

8. We like to drink, but don’t take the piss out of us for it

You better check your drunken leprechaun jokes at the door if you’re trying to hook up with one of us Irish. Only we are allowed to take the piss out of ourselves that much and we all know that Ireland has a reputation for heavy drinking. That being said, if you’re not a fan of a beer yourself you might be barking up the wrong tree because when we go out, we go OUT. She/he might say they’re only going to the pub for one but what they mean is 9 pints of Guinness, 6 jaegers, 3 whiskeys and a lock in til 6 am. But you’re still never allowed mention leprechauns. Best to drink up and join in.

9. Sex

Often referred to as getting the ride, feeking and doing the bould thing. As a country with a strong Catholic history, most of us grew up not even knowing sex education was a thing never mind which bit was supposed to go where. Thankfully for us and you, we haven’t let that hold us back and all that repressed sexuality has to go somewhere now doesn’t it? So go ahead and get frisky with a fine Irish specimen. Our fiery nature will definitely make itself felt! Just be sure to give really good cuddles in case all that inherited Catholic guilt rears it’s ugly head the next morning!

10. St. Patrick’s Day

Think March 17th is just another cold day in the transition from winter to spring? Ahh dote, bless your innocence! If you’ve shacked up with one of us, this day is about to take on massive significance for you. It’s only feckin St Paddy’s Day and no matter where you live in the world, you will now be celebrating like it’s New Years Eve. You see, the Irish don’t have an Independence day or a national day of celebration, so we have this in the form of St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t even think about saying green isn’t your colour. Expect copious amounts of Guinness, trad music pulsing through the walls and a plate of bacon and cabbage being assembled in front of you. Oh, it also goes without saying that even if you’re not in Ireland, where it’s a national holiday, you’ll be taking at least 3 days off work. You’re welcome.