10 things you’ll have experienced if you grew up in Ireland

It goes without saying that everyone has a unique childhood. However, there is nothing more unique than a childhood in the depths of the Emerald Isle. From the Late Late Toy Show to the fear of the immersion, here some of the things you will definitely have experienced growing up in Ireland.

1. Receiving a death glare from your parents when a relative gives you money

Everyone had that relative who always gives you money when you come to visit. As soon as you reached out your hand to take it, you’ll more than likely have caught your parents staring at you with daggers in their eyes. This always resulted in a highly stressful situation where your insistent aunt tried to force a five euro note in your hand while your parents shoved you towards the car.

2. The confusion when you’re expected to know someone based on your mother’s vaguest reference

You were given the most minute of details, for example; the man who reads the newspaper in his car, and be expected to know who this person is, despite having nothing to go on. “Ah you do know him, you do,” would have been the response to your bewilderment. This was one those situations that ended up with your mother becoming extremely frustrated. WHY did she do it?

3. Your Irish parents’ tough love attitude

“If you break your leg, don’t come running to me”. It is common to receive tough love when growing up in Ireland and this phrase is an example of this. Basically, you were more afraid of how your parents would react if you got injured than an injury itself. The thought of your parents’ anger was enough to make you sit quietly as your parents wished.

4. Compulsory Irish dancing in primary school

Young girls didn’t have a choice in the matter, from the ages of four until at least twelve years old, once a week you were subjected to dancing jigs and reels. Even if you had two left feet you had to take part and what’s worse, you had to PAY for it! Then, when you finally could stop participating, you promptly forgot any dances you’d learned over the last eight years.

5. Late Late Toy Show

Falling In late November every year, the Late Late Toy Show was considered as important as someone’s birthday. All plans were cleared and you sat eagerly, armed with a glass of Club Orange and an essential packet of Taytos until Pat Kenny appeared on the screen and the magic began. Nothing disrupted the Late Late Toy Show, NOTHING.