25 Brutal Insults That Gordon Ramsay Would Say If He Was Irish

14. “Your food is so poor, Bob Geldof is holding another benefit concert!”

15. “Larne smells a lot better than this f**king dish!”

16. “There’s more chance of James McClean wearing a poppy than someone eating this monstrosity!”

17. “This doesn’t taste like beef, it tastes like you’ve killed the Rubberbandits’ Horse Outside and served it on a f**king plate, you gobshite!”

18. “I’ve said a prayer to St. Anthony, just so he could help me find the flavour”

19. “There’s more chance of Gerry Adams admitting he was in the RA than you admitting your restaurant is a f**king failure.”

20. “Your food makes me as sick as Cian Twomey’s comedy”

21. “This dish is so poor, even Stephen Nolan wouldn’t eat it”

22. “You have as much f**king talent as Jamie Dornan has in acting.”

23. “This dish is so disgraceful that it would break the Good Friday Agreement!”

24. “This steak is so well done, I’d be surprised if Arlene Foster isn’t paying for it!”

25. “There’s more f**king holes in this focaccia than there is on the front of the GPO in Dublin”