If 8/10 Of These Are True, You Are Definitely A Big Culchie

6. You have worn a checked shirt, boot cut jeans and brown shoes on a night out

culchie style

This is the required dress code for a big night out in the country.

7. You call your local community “the parish”

Another tell-tale sign of a culchie.

8. You hate the Dubs


All culchies love to hate the city slickers! Dublin think they are the centre of the world! Come up and we will show you the parish, the real capital of Ireland.

9. You’ve driven a tractor at least twice


In culchie-land, everyone has had a ride in a tractor at least twice!

10. You’ve used the phrase as “now we’re suckin’ diesel!!”

suck di

Another common phrase in the country, especially in the northern counties of Ireland. This phrase should only be used to describe a situation which has recently improved.