If 8/10 Of These Are True, You Are Definitely A Hardcore Loyalist

Here are 10 things that are usually true for die-hard Loyalists. If at least 8/10 of them are true then you are definitely a Hardcore Loyalist.

1. You enjoy a good old 11th-night bonfire

This is your bread and butter. The night before the dawn. It’s like Christmas eve for you. You love watching the local BonnieĀ go up, have a few beers with the lads before the best day of the year tomorrow, The Twelfth.

2. Seeing an Irish tricolour doesn’t sit well with you

You don’t like seeing the Irish tricolour flying in your area. To you, this is British land and so shall it remain.

3. You can play the flute

Playing the flute is important if you are in a loyalist band. If you can play the flute and you are a loyalist, you can almost certainly play ‘The Sash’.

4. You vote DUP to ‘keep the Shinners out’

You may not love all of the DUP’s policies but you believe they are the best chance of keeping Sinn Fein from winning in an election.

5. You were outraged when the flagĀ got taken down from Belfast City Hall

That decision to remove the flag of your country on 3 December 2012 was hard to take. It outraged you. If you may have gone to a few flag protests to show your support.