MUST WATCH VIDEO: RTE fails compilation…

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HILARIOUS VIDEO: Best Irish prank EVER!!

"Adrian Byrne AKA Juicy from Donegal , gets the fright of his life when his friends (us) frighten the shite out of him while he sleeps on way back...

HILARIOUS VIDEO: Pulp Fiction Kerry Style

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Tommy Tiernan – Women and Emotions (Hilarious video)

Clips from Tommy Tiernan Cracked The Comedians when he talks about women and their feelings and emotions. Watch the hilarious clip below:

Jimmy Carr talks about a United Ireland on the Graham Norton Show

Jimmy Carr tells his hilarious story about talking about a United Ireland to a Dublin audience. Watch the hilarious video below:

18 signs that you are a Belfast Smick

If you satisfy more than 4 of these, you are more than likely a Smick. Over 10, there is simply no debate! 1. You own a car like this 2. You...