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President Trump Announces He Will Visit Ireland In June

The White House announced this afternoon that US President Donald Trump will include a two-day stopover in Ireland during his forthcoming visit to Europe in early June.

The two-day visit will take place immediately proceeding Trump’s scheduled visit to the UK which starts on June 3.

President Trump is expected to fly into Shannon — close to his family owned Golf Club and its adjoining hotel in Doonbeg County Clare, where he will overnight before travelling to Dublin.

Mixed Reaction

The reaction to the news along the corridors of Leinster House was mixed with many TDs saying they would boycott any scheduled events to welcome the President.

Ryanair has reported an increase in ticket sales as many people made plans to flee the country that weekend on hearing the White House announcement.

A Ryanair spokesperson said. “We have never seen so many tickets booked online from the Kildare Street area since Ireland played Italy in the World Cup semi-finals in 1990.”

Positive Reaction in Kerry

However, reaction to the visit was not entirely negative as some individuals and organisations openly welcomed Trump’s visit. One such organisation was the right-wing Kerry Ku Klux Klan.

The KKKK look upon President Trump as their spiritual leader.

Chairperson of the Ballheigue chapter of the Klan, Sammy Healy-Raeban said, “We are absolutely over the moon at the news of the President’s visit. Ever since my two cousins, Michael and Danny gave him a good price on the block work for the Mexican wall they have been on the greatest of terms.”

“President Trump” he continued while blessing himself, “will be assured of the greatest of Kerry welcomes. Shur hasn’t the wife been up since early ironing the white sheets and the Young-Fella is beyond in the shed making the inverted crosses.”

At The Dentist

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar replying to questions in Dáil Éireann said that while of course the government were delighted that President Trump was visiting.

However, it appears that none of the cabinet would be available to meet and greet President Trump.

“I asked around,” he said, “but four of my colleagues will be attending their granny’s funeral, seven are attending a hastily organised conference in Botswana, and the rest are hoping to catch the flu” the Taoiseach said as he phoned his dentist to arrange an urgent appointment to coincide with the visit.

Both Irish and Brittany Ferry companies have announced that they will issue free tickets to any members of the public wishing to leave Ireland for the duration of the Trump visit.

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