Ryan Tubridy set to leave RTE over pay row

Ryan Tubridy has announced that he will leave RTE if a current pay dispute does not go his way.

The Irish media and entertainment industry was thrown into chaos late last night after news leaked that Turbridy is prepared to quit both his morning radio show with the station and the long-running Late Late TV Show.

Tubridy is reputed to be RTE’s highest-paid presenter whose annual payments from the Station are said to be over €1.7 million said. “It’s simply not enough, not enough for a star with my talents — I have had enough.”

“All my mornings are taken up with the radio show, and then they expect me to do Friday nights as well. Honestly some weeks I do almost a twenty-hour week. It’s just not on.”

Other Plans

Responding to media questions as to his plans if he does leave the station, Tubridy said.

“Well, obviously I’ve got the ‘crowd-pulling’ personality. Most people only see my probing cutting edge journalist side — granted I temper that down with my affable charm and wit. But most people don’t see my tremendous athletic ability, so I’m thinking of marrying the crowd-pulling ability and the athletics and becoming a World Wrestling Superstar — that’s where the big bucks are!”

RTE’s Position

RTE were quick to respond to the news. The stations Head of Very Very Light Entertainment Pascal O’Brien commented to reporters.

“Yeah, I suppose I should say that we’re sorry to see Tubs go but in fairness we’re not. Sorry if that sounds harsh but in all fairness ….well you all know what a twerp he can be. Wrestling my arse he couldn’t beat his way out of a paper bag — Jaysus the ego on him!”

The Future of the Late Late

O’Brien went on to comment on where The Late Late Show would go from here. “To be honest, I can’t see much of a future for the live show. We were thinking of asking that fella Pat Kenny to come back, but no one here in Donnybrook has a number for him.”


“I can see us just rerunning some of Gay Byrnes classic shows. Jaysus those were the days. Watching Auld Uncle Gaybo wade into a pair of lesbian nuns or tearing a stripe of your-wan that had the bishop’s baby. Good decent television, that’s what it’s all about.” O’Brien said.

“You see,” he continued. “Things are tough here in RTE, as the Director has said we need to make cutbacks — so by saving the two million we payout to what’s-his-name we might just scrape by. Public service broadcasting my arse! How does paying some eejit two million a year to sit back in a classy leather chair smiling as some other fool promotes their latest book qualify as doing the public a shagging service?” He asked in a rare moment of openness.

In related news, Meanwhile in Ireland News has learned that RTE’s yet to be announced ‘very exciting’ autumn schedule will be more or less the same as last year’s and the year before that and the year before that.