WATCH: UL student’s election campaign video is out of this world

The bizarre video went viral and has been viewed by more people than her University could ever hold!

Aoife O’Brien is currently campaigning for the position of Academic officer in the SU elections for UL. As part of her campaign, she released a trippy video that has went viral online and left people all over the world loving it!

With the help of the two talented lads Conor Furlong and Dan Harrington, the short video begins with Aoife listing off some of her plans and vision for the University as she stood close to a lake.

Then, completely unexpectantly she’s pushed into the water by a lad. The video then evolves to almost become a trippy music video.

Watch the amazing video below:

Hey Guys,Just a quick video to get to know me!Some may say it's out of this world ;)Credit to Dan Harrington

Posted by Aoife4Academic on Tuesday, 21 March 2017