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If You’ve Experienced 10/12 Of These Things Then You’re Truly Irish

If you have experienced 10/12 of these things, then we are happy to confirm you as a good Irish citizen!

1. At some stage in your life you’ve experienced a sight like this when you were trying to get somewhere in a rush…


2. You’ve said “sure ya know yourself” as a reply to a question that you never intended to answer…


3. You’ve called the microwave ‘the ding’


4. You know someone who loves to put Red Diesel in their car


5. You know someone who always says ‘wile’, ‘wile craic’ and ‘wile bad’


6. By getting a ‘shift’ you don’t mean getting extra hours at work, you mean snogging someone.


7. You probably won’t have many phone calls without saying bye a lot of times


8. Everyone gets offered tea upon entry in a household, if you don’t you are shocked!


9. Going to the bar for “one drink” really means having an all weekend bender


10. You know people who use the phrase “now we’re suckin’ diesel!!”

suck di

11. You’ve been disappointed when opening these tins…


12. Your mum/Granny always says“JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH!”

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