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Dublin Parents seek legal action to encourage 28-year-old son to move out

In what is considered to be the first case of its kind, a South-side Dublin couple are set to take legal action to evict their twenty-eight-year old son from the family home.

James and Mary Roche of Foxrock Dublin have revealed that their case will come before Dublin’s Circuit Court next month.

Speaking outside the Roche’s four-bedroom detached residence in a leafy and exclusive Southside cul de sac, the couple’s solicitor spoke to the assembled press.

“My clients are totally at their wit’s end.” Pierce Bradbury of Bradbury-Bradbury and Bradbury solicitors said.

“While my clients accept (without prejudices) that their son, Jeffery has lived in the family home since birth and concede that initially, the early years were mutually pleasing to both parties.

However, over the past ten years — coinciding with Jeffery’s enrolment in university, unhappy circumstances’ have developed leading to the current situation which is grievously aggravating to my clients.”

Mr Bradbury went on to list the aggravations his clients faced on a daily basis.  “The home,” he said “is similar to a council rubbish tip. Full to the brim of empty take-out boxes, crushed beer cans and literally littered with Jeffery’s soiled laundry.

“The pungent smell of marijuana smoke is a constant presence which has a devastating effect on Mrs Roche’s asthma. Further to that Mr Roche is perturbed by the constant toing and froing of scantily clad females from Jeffery’s room at ungodly hours of the morning.” The solicitor added.   

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Meanwhile in Ireland News has learned that “the straw that broke the camel’s back” came about when Jeffrey — a perpetual student over the last ten-years announced he intends to now continue his education by “doing a master’s degree over the next few years.

Class Action

Mr Bradbury stated that this case may be taken as a class-action and when successful may inspire parents in similar situations to consider “going down the legal road.”

The solicitor also stated that his clients would be seeking redress of € 95,000 which is the calculated amount they spent on: tuition fees, food, heating, clothes, and pocket money on their student son over the ten years.

As it was still early afternoon, Jeffery wasn’t up yet and so was unavailable for comment.

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