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Who are we?

  • We specialise in Bizarre Irish News, Viral Videos and general Irish Craic.
  • We love spreading brilliant, fun and inspiring Irish content over the internet.
  • We have been extremely successful in doing it, with over 320,000 people following our pages and loving our content.

How to submit content

To submit content you want to submit or to write content for us, please contact info@meanwhileinireland.com or to leave us a message, fill out the form below:

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How to contact us

  • Email us: info@meanwhileinireland.com

How to contribute content

  • If you’d like to write an article or to send in your photo, please email:  info@meanwhileinireland.com

Sales, Marketing, Advertising & PR

  • For Marketing/Sales enquiries, please email: sales@meanwhileinireland.com
  • To advertise on our site, please email: advertise@meanwhileinireland.com
  • For PR enquiries, please email: pr@meanwhileinireland.com
  • For all other enquiries, please email: info@meanwhileinireland.com

Have you seen any of your content on our site without permission?

We receive a vast amount photos and videos from our followers around Ireland. However, sometimes we receive content from followers who want to promote their local area and although we ask for confirmation about the ownership of the content, it is still almost impossible to be fully sure who owns the content. As a result, we have had instances where content was posted without the knowledge of the true owner. If you are in this situation, please do not hesitate to contact us though any of the addresses above and we will remove the content immediately or we could credit the content to your page/website.

Thank you.