Shocking Poll Reveals Majority Of North Want United Ireland


Is a United Ireland now inevitable?

In the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and the prospect of Northern Ireland being the only part of the UK to have a land border with another EU state, many people in the north are outraged as the majority voted in favour of remain.

There has been many calls by politicians to conduct a border poll to reveal whether people now favour reunification with the rest of Ireland.

Polls for many years have suggested that the majority of Northern Ireland wish to remain part of the UK. However, a new Belfast Telegraph poll reveals a very different story.

According to the survey of 12,000 random people asking whether it was time to have a border poll and whether the respondents would vote for it:

“7,645 votes were cast in the space of 24 hours.

Overwhelming – 73% – said the time was right for a poll.

We also asked a second question on what way people would vote.

And 70% said they would vote for a united Ireland.”

Although this is only a poll, it is extremely interesting and we will be actively following the developments ahead.