10 Compliments Irish People Can’t Deal With

6. “You’ve a great colour, were you away?”

After coming back from a holiday abroad, you may be a lot tanner than usual. Admitting you were on holiday in the sun may lead to an answer such as “lucky you” and gossip among the parish about how you have the money you must have spent on your hotel Dubai.

7. “You must be doing well for yourself”

This compliment usually comes after telling someone you bought something expensive. The Irish are extremely modest so it is against our instincts to big-up our achievements or to acknowledge that we have cash to splash.

8. “Thanks so much” – from someone who asked for something and you agreed to out of politeness.

We’ve all been there. Someone asks for a favour which you feel is unreasonable as you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking them for that favour. You know they’d be annoyed if you said no and you know you’d be annoyed if you said yes. So you just do it to keep them happy. We Irish are lovely people!

9. “That’s a nice outfit.”

This compliment is particularly awkward if you actually just threw something on and don’t think it’s your best effort.

10. “Thanks for tonight, I’ll get the bill”

“No, I’ll get it, wise up”….”No, I’ll get it”… We all know this one very well.