Author: Louise Kiernan

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Louise is a schoolteacher and freelance event manager based in Galway. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, she has spent over two decades cultivating her encyclopaedic knowledge of Ireland’s favourite sitcom. So much so, Louise is arguably unbeatable in any Father Ted quiz. She has been a lead member of the team behind Tedfest, the annual Father Ted festival, which has been running since 2007. As the Entertainment Co-ordinator for Tedfest for the last 14 years, her job is to perform the ‘Ted check’, creatively deciding which events have the most authenticity and genuine connection with the show. She describes herself as being ‘like the rabbit inside Dougal’s head working the controls, but in reverse.’ Louise referenced original scripts and special commentaries in the curation of this ultimate guide to Father Ted, ranking the episodes from best to worst. The article was edited by Paris Callan, the Head Writer for Meanwhile in Ireland.