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Statue of Bertie Ahern to be erected in Dublin’s financial area

A statue of Bertie Ahern to be erected in Dublin’s financial area to remember the Celtic Tiger.

A fifty-meter high statue of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is to be erected in Dublin’s Docklands, the financial heart of the city.

The announcement was made at a specially convened meeting of Dublin City Council Cultural Committee.


Speaking at the meeting Councillor Sean Blake who is acting Chair of the committee said. “We commissioned a piece that would celebrate the greatness of the era known as the Celtic Tiger and we are delighted with not only the responses received but also by the winning proposal.”

All That is Great

The Councillor went on to say,” Bertie typifies all that was good and great in Ireland during those helicon days. His cool-headed leadership guided a country which without him could have easily lost the run of its self. We owe him, big time.”

“The statue loosely based on the O’Connell Street statue of James Larkin will be cast in bronze and depict Ireland’s greatest hero with arms outstretched gazing heavenwards,” Blake explained.

Design Brief

The Acting Cultural Committee Chairperson went on to detail the design brief and outline how the successful plan was arrived at.

“After the initial design requirements were sent out to suitable artists we had dozens of submissions,” he said.

“These ranged from hologram images of evicted families to a triptych depicting reposed farms. But we wanted something more positive and who better to portray a buoyant Irish economy but the Boss himself, God Bless him.”

A Fianna Fail Councillor for North Dublin, Blake took on the role as acting Chairman after the Cultural Committee’s permanent chairman also a Fianna Fail Councillor, Danny O’Gormon was forced to step down as investigations into a Cash for Favours inquiry are ongoing.

Just Like the Trevi Fountain

The statue will be surrounded by a three-meter diameter fountain and as with the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the passer by will be encouraged to make a wish and throw a few coins in.

Councillor Blake told us that these coins would be collected each night by volunteer members of Young Fianna Fail and the money distributed to help feed the hungry of Dublin — after of course resting in the Drumcondra FF branch bank account for a few days. “It will just rest there!” The councillor stressed.


Meanwhile In Ireland understands that the trilingual inscription on the base shall be the James Larkin quote.

“Ní uasal aon uasal ach sinne bheith íseal: Éirímis.

Great appear great because we are on our knees: Let us rise.”

It appears that the Former Taoiseach Bertie is a great admirer of Larkin.

No Planning Difficulties Envisaged

It is also believed that planning permission has already been bought and paid for by an unnamed group of construction companies who might owe Bertie a favour or two.

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