25 Brutal Insults That Gordon Ramsay Would Say If He Was Irish

Gordon Ramsay is known worldwide for his brutal insults in the kitchen. These insults have become legendary and have led to countless parody videos and memes. But wouldn’t it be amazing to know what the insults would be like if he was Irish, or if we had an Irish version of the celebrity chef? With the help of our friends at Simple Craic, we’ve come up with 25 brutal putdowns which we think would be a true reflection of an Irish version of Ramsay.

1. “This dish is almost as brutal as the f**king Black and Tans!”

2. “This restaurant is less successful than Mayo in All-Ireland Finals!”

3. “This chicken is so horrible, Liam Neeson is leaving his role in Taken just so he can find you and kill you.”

4. “I asked for a dollop of Mayo, not a portion the size of the whole f**king county!!”

5. “You’ve more chance of becoming a chef than Carlow has of winning a Hurling All-Ireland!”

6. “Your attitude is worse than Roy Keane at a World Cup!”

7. “That is more burnt than a house near a loyalist bonfire”

8. “That steak is as rare as a culchie not wearing a checkered shirt or a GAA jersey”

9. “This pizza is divided so badly divided that Éamon de Valera will come back from the dead to start another Civil War!”

10. “I’d have more trust in Thatcher controlling the north than you controlling this kitchen!”

11. “This dish looks like Michael Flatley Riverdanced all over it”

12. “I trust your cooking as much as Michaell Collins trusted Éamon de Valera after the treaty!”

13. “This cake has sunk in the middle worse than the Titanic, even Belfast wouldn’t be proud of it!!”