If 8/10 Of These Are True, You Are Definitely A Hardcore Irish Republican

6. You’ve been to Kilmainham and it was emotional

If you’re a true Republican, you’ve been to Kilmainham Gaol and it was an emotional experience to see where the leaders of 1916 were executed.

7. You had a picture of Pearse and/or Conolly in your house

If you are a true republican, Pearse and Conolly are pretty much considered part of the family and may have been found among your family photos on your wall.

8. You know your Irish history very well

Most Republicans know their history very well and appreciate what it means to be Irish. If this is you, then you are especially knowledgeable about 1916 Rising and The Troubles.

9. An innocent Sesh has turned political on more than one occasion when drunk

If you are Republican, on a few occasions when you’ve been drinking, you’ve got into an in-depth discussion about Irish history and politics. You felt like Michael Collins himself when you were deep in the discussion and giving your opinions.

10. You love the Wolfe Tones

I mean come on, how many Republicans do you know that don’t love rebel songs? The Wolfe Tones are probably the best-known band and you love them. One of your favourites song is probably Sean South From Garryowen.