If 8/10 Of These Are True, You Are Definitely A Hardcore Irish Republican

Here’s 10 things that are usually true for every Irish Republican. If 8/10 of them are true then you are definitely a Hardcore Irish Republican…

1. It’s the North Of Ireland…NOT Northern Ireland

Let’s start with basics. This is a Republican’s bread and butter. You never refer to the northern six counties as ‘Northern Ireland’. You only refer to this part of Ireland as ‘the north’, ‘the six’ or ‘the occupied six counties of Ireland’.

2. You wear an Easter Lily at least once a year

Dedicated Republicans wear an Easter Lilly with pride every year to commemorate all Republicans who died in the struggle for Irish independence.

3. You have been to an Easter commemoration

Along with wearing an Easter Lilly, Republicans attend an Easter Commemoration on Easter Sunday. Most likely wearing your Easter Lilly while doing so.

4. A Union Jack flying in Ireland doesn’t sit well with you

If you are a Republican, although you see yourself as open-minded, when you see a Union Jack in Ireland it still doesn’t sit well with you.

5. You either support Celtic or have a soft spot for them

Not all Celtic fans are Republicans. However, a lot of their support has an affinity to Ireland and many are Irish Republicans. If you are a Republican, you like the solidarity shown by this club’s support towards Irish Republicanism, even if you don’t support them.