If 8/10 Of These Are True, You Are Definitely A Big Culchie

There are many tell-tale signs that someone is an Irish culchie, here are 10. If 8 or more are true, you are definitely a big culchie.

1. You pre-drink during your 30-minute bus journey to the club


A night out in culchie-land is a long trip. So it is very common to hire a bus to go to the club and everyone drinks on the long journey there. It is quite common for some on the bus to get too drunk and be refused entry to the club, so it can be a long journey home for these poor souls.

2. You have used the phrase “hows she cutting?”


In the country, “how’s she cutting?” is a legitimate greeting which roughly translates to “how’s it going?”

3. You love GAA, it is a big part of your life

Most country folk love the GAA, it makes up a big part of their lives. Club and county games are always something to look forward to.

4. Your local area sometimes smells of manure


If you live in the country, it is not uncommon for your house to be close to a farm and therefore may smell of manure on occasions.

5. You know what a John Deere is


Most city folk have no idea what a John Deere is. However, culchies know all too well. Excellent tractors!