Clare Town Shannon to become part of Limerick in new boundary proposals

The County Clare town of Shannon is set to be absorbed into County Limerick as part of a proposal to extend Limerick County’s boundary.

The radical boundary proposals were unveiled by Limerick City and County CEO, Jeffery Power at a local authority meeting held in Limerick County Hall last night.

Speaking to Limerick council Mr Power said, “While my officials and I accept that this may be seen as a radical proposal the plan should be looked at in its full context.”

“Limerick City is a vibrant and growing hub and we simply need the room to expand. Shannon is an obvious choice. By incorporating Shannon Town along with its international airport within Limerick’s county boundary we will allow for this badly needed expansion to the Treaty City.”

‘Traditionally More Aligned with Limerick than with Clare’

“Let’s face it, Mr Power continued.”Shannon was always more Limerick than Clare.

“It’s a new town which was developed during the early sixties and populated mainly by Limerick people who moved there to take up jobs, jobs that an unskilled Clare workforce simply couldn’t fill.  

“As such we don’t foresee any great opposition to the plan. Shannon people have traditionally been more aligned with Limerick than with Clare.”

Mr Power went on to unveil the proposed extension which includes a series of mixed housing estates situated and accessed just off the N18 motorway which runs from Limerick to Shannon.

“Obviously,” Mr Power said, “we will be sensitive to the unique architectural heritage in and around Bunratty but there is a lot of prime building land located around Cratloe which we are looking at for future social and mixed housing development.”

Airport Name Change

The plans also include a name change from Shannon Airport to Limerick City Airport a move which may cause some controversy, Mr Power agreed.

“It’s only right,” Power went on, “that an infrastructural amenity such as an airport be named after the primary city which it serves. Although we are also considering renaming the Airport the Kemmy International Airport, it has a nice ring to it.”

Mr Power also revealed that Limerick City and County Council had considered an eastward boundary extension into Tipperary. “Yes, we considered Tipp.” He told reporters “but to be fair as a county it doesn’t really have that much going for it does it?” He asked.

Redraw the Maps

The Mayor of Limerick told the meeting that Limerick City Council would fully back the boundary extension.

“We have always looked on Shannon as a satellite suburb of Limerick. It was just an unfortunate geographical occurrence that it was situated on the wrong side of the tracks.” He said. “Now it’s time to redraw the maps and put things to rights.”

At the time of going to press no official spokesperson from Clare County Council was available for comment.