Jimmy Kimmel makes Irish family chasing bat into worldwide stars (VIDEO)

The recent viral video of a Kerryman and his son trying to catch a bat that flew into their home was loved by the late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel was so impressed with the antics of the family that he invited them to do a live video call with the show which was beamed to millions worldwide.

Jimmy says on the show that he loved the video so much that he watched the viral video 11 times or so.

Son Tadgh, who has featured on Meanwhile in Ireland’s Facebook page many times, described on the show the events and how is father Derry eventually sorted the issue out. The Irish dad then did an Irish jig to the amusement of the US audience.

The clip from the show is a hilarious instalment to the bat video and worthy to receive hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube in the short time it has been uploaded.

Watch the clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show below: