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An INCREDIBLE Michael D Higgins Teddy Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Yes, believe your eyes, you’re not mistaken, Michael D is now available in toy form, and we can’t deal.

Introducing with the Michael D Higgins teddy – humorously dubbed – Miggle D Giggles.

If you’re short of ideas about what gift to get your lover for Valentine’s Day, look no further, an amazing Michael D Higgins Teddy which brings giggles to everyone who sees it is now available.

Sold by the website Miggle D Giggles, he is currently only available to buy online at www.miggleDgiggles.com.

It Helps A Great Cause

The team behind Miggle D Giggles are donating a portion of the proceeds to CMRF Crumlin, the fundraising body for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, to help fund medical research and strive for cures to childhood illnesses. They’ve already raised nearly €8000.

The tiny toy is the brainchild of brothers Lee and Stevie Russell.

The brothers have always been charmed by the infectious joy of our president and decided to create a toy that celebrates the humour and warmth unique to the people of Ireland.

While also being adorable, this pint-sized toy is helping out a very worthy cause.

A Massive Hit

Miggle D Giggles was a massive hit with the Irish nation after appearing on The Late Late Toy Show. He sold out very quickly after the show, but now he’s available again, while stocks last.

Where You Can Grab One

If you know someone in need of a giggle, the teddy is available exclusively from the official website, Miggle D Giggles – www.miggleDgiggles.com

Be sure to grab one before they are all gone!

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