Irish family on holiday in Benidorm say ‘it’s great to experience culture’

An Irish family just returned from a ten-day holiday in Benidorm have confirmed they “had a brill time” and loved the Spanish culture.

“It was absolutely brill,” was the initial reaction of Limerick housewife Mrs Mary Fitzpatrick (43) when asked to comment after returning from her family 10- day holiday in the Spanish resort of Benidorm.

Mary, her husband Paddy and four of their five children — daughter Cynthia (16) stayed in the family home in Kemmy Park Limerick — had booked the stay in the Vista Del Sol apartment complex last December.

Very Lucky

A family at their hotel, booked through Holiday Extras. Credit: Professional Images

“We were real lucky,” she said. “As chance would have it the Powers, our neighbours back in Limerick were staying in the apartment next door. It was great for the kids to have their pals.”

“Last December we were really- really sick to the teeth of the Irish weather, so when Paddy got the double Christmas payment we went straight on-line and booked through Ryanair.

“It was a sort of family Christmas present for us all and Paddy said it would be great for the kids to experience a bit of foreign culture.

“And where better to experience Spanish culture than Benidorm?” She asked.


“It was lovely just sitting outside on the balcony, having a few beers before breakfast — I’ve never seen Paddy so relaxed, although, we did have a terrible time trying to stop young Jamie climbing over the railings.

“But you know what three-year-olds are like. Anyway, we were only on the third floor and the pool was directly below us.”

Cultural Differences

Mary went on to remark on the cultural differences between Ireland and Spain. “It’s amazing,” she said. “It’s like being in a different country. Ok, so the language was a bit difficult to get to grips with.

“But Paddy found when you raise your voice a bit and speak slowly all you really-really need is ‘dos beers sil vous plate.’

“Paddy is handy at languages. In the restaurant, all we had to do was point at the Full Irish Breakfast picture on the menu.”

“Not that we concentrated on Irish breakfasts, as I said we wanted the Kids to live the Spanish way of life. There was a great Chinese place down the road. It’s funny how similar Spanish Chinese is to Irish Chinese but it was great to give it a try.”

Traditional Sports

The Fitzpatrick family also involved themselves in the traditional Spanish sports of crazy golf, banana boats and water slides.

“Our days were fairly full,” Mary told us. We tried to get out of the apartment complex as often as possible. After a few beers at lunch — it’s important to keep hydrated in the heat — we’d go down to the beach for a few more.”

The Irish Rover — A Lovely Spanish Bar

“There was a lovely little Spanish bar called the Irish Rover close enough to the beach that served tapas but we normally stuck to the trusted bacon egg and chips.

“At night they played a mixture of traditional music — a good selection of The Wolfe Tones and The Pogues.

“It was great to see the kids running around enjoying themselves at three in the morning. You couldn’t do that back in Limerick.”

Only Complaint

The only complaint Mary had was that on the Ryanair flight home, Paddy, who had had a few in the airport wasn’t allowed to bring the sombrero and the big straw donkey on board. A bit of an argument followed and Paddy was offloaded to get a later flight.

All in all though; Mary would recommend Benidorm to anyone wanting to expand their horizons.