Five Things You Need To Know About Michael Conlan

Michael Conlan has the world at his feet, and he hasn’t even had one professional fight! Before the Irish boxer makes his pro debut on St.Patricks day in Madison Square Garden, there are a few things you should know.

1. Boxing Blood

Michael originates from Cavendish Street, West Belfast, boasting humbling beginnings from a proud working class family. His father and coach, John, is from Dublin while his older brother Jamie is also a professional boxer. There is no doubt whatsoever that a fighting spirit runs deep in the Conlan bloodline.

2. Decorated Amateur Champion

For those completely unaware of Michael’s previous accolades in the ring, the boxer won gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow while also picked up a bronze medal at 2012 London Olympics. Amidst a collection of other commendable achievements, these two notable triumphs put Conlan on the map and attracted attention from the elite across the globe.

3. Speaks His Mind

Conlan has never shied away in standing against the powers above, publicly calling out a corrupt judging panel at the 2016 Olympic games. After an extremely controversial call that saw Conlan lose to Vladimir Nikitin in the quarterfinals, the Irish man took to live television to voice his opinions of the corrupt judging system that robbed the Belfast-born boxer another Olympic medal. Analysts and experts around the world seemed just as disgusted as Conlan siding with the Irishman against the biased and unfair decision.

4. A Nation Behind Him

With Irish fighters receiving huge publicity in recent years thanks to recent world domination from Conor McGregor and ex-world champ Carl Frampton; it appears Conlan has that irresistible X-factor. Conlan has been handed the headline slot for his pro debut at the one and only Madison Square Garden arena, highlighting an anticipated Irish take-over once more.

5. Close Friends with Conor McGregor

Conlan and McGregor are tight. The boxer has regularly sparred with the MMA megastar over the years, helping the Dublin man sharpen up his already elite boxing abilities before heading into battle in the octagon. McGregor has visited Conlan’s new gym in NYC numerous times in the run-up to his fight; even promising to walk out with the boxer to mark a memorable debut. You would certainly not want to speak out of turn around these guys!