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If You’ve Told 8/10 Of These Lies, You Are Definitely Irish

The Irish are great people who have a lot of funny characteristics. Unfortunately, lying about certain things is one of them. If you’ve told 8/10 of these lies then you are very Irish.

1. “I’m only going out for one.”

only going out for one

A classic phrase all Irish people have used.

2. “I’m on my way.”


Arguably the biggest lie in Ireland – usually told by lazy parents who are on the sofa watching TV or someone who is still in bed when they shouldn’t be.

3. “Ah, it was grand.”

ah it was grand

Even if something was everything but, it is always grand.

4. “I’m just nipping out, I’ll be back in a second.”


Yeah right.

5. “I love it, thanks.”


A lie commonly heard after a haircut.


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