Irish pensioners offer inspiring life advice to their younger selves (VIRAL VIDEO)

If you need inspiration today, this is it.

An Irish Radio DJ from Dublin walked the streets and asked some elderly Irish folks to share “one golden piece of life advice, as if they were speaking to their 16-year-old self.” The results are inspiring, heart-warming and moving.

Some of the advice given is inspiring and you should really listen to them if you don’t want to have any regrets when you are older!

Here are some of our favourite:

“Be kind to people. Keep your mouth shut when it’s proper to keep your mouth shut. Open your mouth when you’ve something good to say.”

“The major incidences and catastrophes in your life are beyond your influence. Be it losing your job, ill health, death, anything – don’t worry!”

“Whatever you do in life, no matter what you’re doing, would you do it if your Mam was watching.”

Watch the epic video below: